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The JP Pena: Unf***yourself

May 10, 2022

Noah Zimmerman began his training career as a Strength and Conditioning coach for high school athletes.  He fractured his spine freshman year of high school and spent an entire year rehabilitating his body.  His senior year, he suffered from a subdural hematoma and was hospitalized for 3 weeks before doctors decided to...

May 3, 2022

On this episode i break down what has been going on and whyl there was such a long delay to kick start Season 3. Let's just say it's alot of BS but i have to take a bit of my own medicine of UnfUcking to get shit back on track. 

Oct 8, 2021

What is going on in today world? Not a rant but an opinion. Let me know your thoughts. 

Sep 9, 2021

Let's admit it. We do not get a parenting handbook when we first become parents. We also do not receive a 1-800 number to call when certain obstacles in parenting come along. Specially when your son turns 13. What makes a good parent? how do you know if you truly are doing the right thing? 

Jul 16, 2021

Raquel also know as "Raqc" has been a radio personality and influencer before influencing was even a thing. She has been empowering the latin community for years through her words, interviews, events, music and podcast along side her sister "La Susie". In this episode we take a deep view of Raquels up bringing, success,...