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The JP Pena: Unf***yourself

Jul 1, 2022

I get it, at times everything seems not to be working. Sometimes it seems like a void, hopeless and lost. Well, think and feel no more. This episode will get you out of any funk! LFG

Jun 17, 2022

You might of heard it on the news, all over social media. Changes in our economy are happening and now more than ever we need to really level up. Will you be prepared for a market change? I will go over what exactly causes a recession and what you need to do to be prepared. In market downturns there is...

Jun 10, 2022

My Jiu jitsu journey started years back and it's been quite the interested ride. Where others might of have quit by now. I continue to push forward regardless of the obstacles and challenges. Here is my story.

Jun 1, 2022

In this episode i talk about one single bad decision i did on my weekend tournament that cost me the match. However, that was a tournament. In life we make mistakes that can cost us alot more than just a match. 

May 23, 2022

This week has been alot of calls of bad partnerships, haters, family turning against you. So i decided to make it clear on who you should be surrounding yourself with. It's definetely a topic common heard, but not commonly applied. Listen closely!